Get to know who we are

CrossFit, the world’s fasting growing fitness concept, enhances an individual’s competence for all physical tasks. We understand that your needs differ from those of the Olympic athlete by degree and not by kind.

Who is CrossFit for?

We can’t stress enough that CrossFit is not just for the elite athletic; it’s a great well-thought-out way of getting fit for all ages, body types and varying fitness degrees. If you are:

  • looking to gain support and a sense of building community while working out
  • addicted to fitness
  • beginner to weight training
  • competitive by nature in all things athletic (former athlete, professionally or unprofessionally)

…then CrossFit is for you!

We use the ten recognized fitness domains: increased power, speed, strength, cardiovascular and respiratory endurance, flexibility, stamina, coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy, which are equally as important to the world’s best athletes as they are to senior citizens, to formulate a customized fitness plan that’s best suited for you. We can help you make short-term, day-to-day changes that can improve your overall well-being in a much healthier, controlled way than trying to lose a few pounds fast.

Sitting on a machine for an hour doing repetitive movement tirelessly will not maintain any progress you might have made over time. Think back in time to the age of the caveman and observe his high degree of strength and endurance. There was no fitness equipment that he had to keep up his abilities; instead, he relied on using his survival instinct as a necessity to escape danger from animals and maneuver through rocky landscape. Inspired by the caveman’s range of abilities, we form our group programs – led by our qualified trainers – around the ideology of minimizing machinery and maximizing proper muscle-making workouts.

At CrossFit Sands we are determined to not only physically train your body to achieve great physical fitness, we combine it with knowledge about healthy nutrition and lifestyle to keep the results you earned in tact. Through our program, you will lessen your chance of sustaining bodily injury while being amongst a controlled environment with specialized trainers.

We also have free Wi-Fi, showers, washrooms, changing areas, and a large parking lot outside the building. Inside our gym we offer a range of merchandise including supplements, t- shirts and workout equipment.

Our ultimate goal is to get you addicted to a healthy lifestyle and to continuously redefine your limits.

Call us for a free taster session  or come visit CrossFit Sands and find out why we aren’t your average gym!