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The 12 week Nutrition Camp is for anyone who wants to improve their body and nutrition. Whether your goals are fat loss or muscle building, the aim is to get you into good shape in 12 weeks, but also to give you the necessary skills needed to continue progressing after the 12 weeks

The Nutrition Camp includes the following:

* Initial body composition assessment
* Evaluation
* Goal setting
* Individual nutrition plan
* Nutrition supplement suggestions
* Bi weekly monitoring
* Before and after pictures

The group of people will be like minded and all striving for the same goal. We will all be connected through Facebook and whatsapp during the period sharing ideas, photos and questions. The community aspect is a big reason why it’s so successful, we meet every 2 weeks to measure body fat

Online coaching available, for more details please contact Cyrus: – 0528473395 / 044207997

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